Still time to get over to Tarkio to see the NW Nodaway football team in action! One canned good per person gets you into the jamboree tonight! Go Muskets!
over 3 years ago, WN Rockets
The TEAM Crew created a prop to help us play the game Telephone!!
over 3 years ago, Susan Law
The Telephone prop
Telephone in play.
Today was PBS Book Camp!
over 3 years ago, Holly Brady
Cafeteria Lesson
Hallway Lesson
Preschool is already taking it all in!
Why fit in when you were born to stand out? We are all looking forward to the amazing year ahead.
over 3 years ago, Beth Wennihan
19-20 WN Staff
We had a special visitor today, “Dollar Dog” from Citizens Bank & Trust! They gave cups to all of our elementary students. Thank you!!!
over 3 years ago, Holly Brady
Dollar Dog with Nova Parker
3rd Grade
5th Grade
Middle school experiment mixing Red Bull and milk.
over 3 years ago, Alan Calfee
Showing the reaction when you mix milk and Red Bull.
Middle school doing a lesson on energy drinks. Showing a fun reaction mixing milk and Red Bull.
Mixing milk and Red Bull.
What will happen?
2nd grade made a recipe for success. The “ingredients” were honesty, effort, fairness, teamwork, curiosity, excitement, and kindness. We talked about how important each ingredient is to have a successful year.
over 3 years ago, Kendall Carpenter
Middle school math spent the morning in a competition with which group could find the numbers 1-100 faster! I loved hearing all the strategies they were thinking of! #mathisfun
over 3 years ago, Vanessa Shipley
1st-5th grade have Fitness class 1 day a week and PE the other 4 days. We ask that students wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move around in. If wearing skirts/dresses, please wear shorts underneath. They also may put shorts on underneath their pants if they want.
over 3 years ago, Holly Brady
Booster Club will be meeting on Tuesday, August 27th at 5:30 PM in the commons. Hope to see you there!
over 3 years ago, Tayne Fast
Child Development created a wordle about what children “need!”
over 3 years ago, Vanessa Shipley
Katana Steffey & Hunter Dawson working together on their wordle!
Reagan Hagey creating her groups wordle!
Mrs. Wonderly’s 5th grade class read the book, My Mouth is a Volcano, by Julia Cook. This book is all about how to manage your thoughts and words without “erupting” or interrupting others. They got all their “erupting” out today with a fun pop/mentos experiment!
over 3 years ago, Holly Brady
The kids really enjoyed it!
Watch out Mrs. Cook!
1st grade art day one
over 3 years ago, Kristine Price
decorating art folders
decorating art folders
decorating art folders
1st grade art on day one
over 3 years ago, Kristine Price
decorating art folders
decorating art folders
decorating art folders
Murder Mystery
over 3 years ago, Matt Shipley
Murder Mystery in World History
Sophomore class is ready to rock this year!
over 3 years ago, Vanessa Shipley
Sophomore class 🚀
First day of school! WN 5th grade 🚀 2019 🚀 WHY FIT IN WHEN YOU WERE BORN TO STAND OUT?
over 3 years ago, Beth Wonderly
5th grade
Kindergarten had a great first day of school. We made a mystery recipe that ended up to be Play-Doh. We had fun with a STEM activity and built with cups and popsicle sticks. We are looking forward to a great year. Teachers: Mrs. Price and Mrs. McGinness 🚀
over 3 years ago, Jennifer McGinness
STEM activity
Making play-doh
Making play-doh
STEM activity
Third grade did The Great Cookie Dunk today! We learned some new science vocabulary while we experimented to see if different cookies would float or sink! We had a great first day!!!
over 3 years ago, Becca Ridnour
First day of 4th grade!! Move and shake your way to being a leader. Fourth graders played hot potato to brainstorm traits of a leader. Students who got caught with the hot potato had to lead the group with the next trait. Way to be a leader, 4th grade!
over 3 years ago, Shayli Larabee
Hot Potato Leadership
If your caught with the hot potato go ahead and lead!!
Fourth graders talking about leadership and qualities of a leader.